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About Don "D. P." Bickerdike

Don “D.P.” Bickerdike’s messages are simple: “Nobody is perfect” and “Everything has a solution.” When you read his books it is like sitting down comfortably with your favorite drink having a casual conversation with him. The reader easily sees Don’s transparency and humility. He is the first to admit that he falls short in measuring up to high standards, but at the same time he shows you that there is always a way out of any mess.

His fiction novels and short stories have basic spiritual overtones while Don often focuses on the “human factors” which none of us can avoid. His non-fiction books cut to the chase without all of the sugar-coating. As Don finds his lifetime treasures he freely shares them with other people through his many books. During your casual conversations with him he continues to be authentic.

Beyond the overtones which hint to his spiritual insights, Don Bickerdike provides interesting and compelling stories designed to intrigue and entertain both the spiritual and non-spiritual readers. At the end of each story, the readers are often nudged into considering which side of the fence they truly stand on.

When not writing, Don enjoys jogging and traveling with his muse near Tucson, Arizona. 

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