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Simplified, Don Bickerdike writes about what he is inspired by within each moment and therefore his shorts, novels, and educational materials become snapshots of his life experiences and perspectives. His latest venture is developing his Patent-Pending User-Friendly educational materials for learning difficult languages. His new interests focus on problem-solving for issues in our society and our world.

He is a Citizen of the Cherokee Nation and is currently working toward the goal of mastering the Cherokee Language. Don is related to a long line of well-known Cherokees. Chief John Ross is his 1st cousin, 6 times removed and Sequoyah is his 7th cousin, 7 times removed. He is directly descended from Collins McDonald and Narcena Adair.

There are languages in our world which are on the verge of being lost forever, and Bickerdike has come up with a solution for teaching and learning these languages to achieve fast results. If you want to join a waiting list to see materials for a specific language, email him and let him know which language you want to learn here:

Bickerdike's past writings have often included political and religious views (not for the faint-hearted.) Beyond the overtones which hint to his spiritual insights, he has provided interesting and compelling stories designed to intrigue and entertain both the spiritual and non-spiritual readers. At the end of each story, the readers are often nudged into considering which side of the fence they truly stand on.

When not writing, Don enjoys jogging and traveling with his muse near Tucson, Arizona. 

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