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Eye of the Storm : Falsely Accused


       Falsely Accused


D. P. Bickerdike comes from a family of writers.  His heart-rending experiences have taken form in his personal series of books, challenging the reader to self-evaluate and choose a  more fulfilling life ahead.  In the Eye of the Storm, he has an uncanny way of calling out the human soul, the skeletal core fiber hidden in the depths beyond one's outer facade. Much like an ancient martial artist who finds one's center of gravity, Bickerdike finds the reader's center through the reverberation of his words.  He does not stop here.  This Author of Empathy challenges you, the reader, to focus beyond the appearances of the mundane world to recognize that your outward judgment reflects back to you from beyond the transparency of his experiences.  He confronts you with the challenge to  evaluate the perception of your own reality.  He compels you to choose between the Grace and Mercy of Empathy, or the Wrath and Judgment of Narcissism.  Ultimately the choice is yours, but not before he admonishes you to choose wisely.

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