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03/19/2017 Eye of the Storm: Falsely Accused; Chapter 1 (Excerpt 1-3)

Thank you all for being the first to read excerpts from my upcoming book: The Eye of the Storm. This excerpt of the first few paragraphs lays the foundation for the excerpts that will follow. Strap-in and enjoy the ride, knowing that the book has a good ending. Enjoy! The following is from the beginning of Chapter 1:


Nobody sets sail in warm climate with the intent to sunbathe in the middle of frigid waters. Yes, we all encounter waves and storms, but most of us assume that our mate will be anchored-in like we are, and we will all weather any encountered storms together. This is my true story; perhaps you can relate to my own voyage.

I had dated others before marriage, and seemed to quickly realize that many of those who I gravitated toward (or who had gravitated toward me) had been abused in some way in their past, and the symptoms of this abuse always came out in very intense ways with extreme reactions that triggered these past experiences. I thought I had finally found someone who had not experienced abuse, and I started to get to know her. We met at work in 1993 in “warm weather and warm waters.” For the purpose of attempting to conceal her identity, I will call her Kat. The tell-tale signs that I now wish I had given more weight to at that time were glossed over with excuses that I made for her. We all have character flaws, but it is how you deal with your weaknesses that will show your true character. Concealing, hiding, or manipulating the perception of truth shows a severe lack in character and maturity.

Most issues are petty by themselves. Over time, however, they drip, drip, drip, and hollow out a hole in the toughest of rocks, increasing in frequency and tenacity. On our first group date, Kat paid her sister to make a cake and then claimed it as her own. This fact by itself is insignificant, even humorous. I did not realize how this later fit into a pattern of Kat being disconnected from the world while having blinders on for anyone else’s needs. The snappy and disrespectful comments she made to her father while she still lived at their home struck me as red flags, but I quickly dismissed them as hormonal or menstrual. She insisted on smoking cigarettes and attempted to lie about it, as if I could not smell the smoke stained in her hair and clothing. Kat wanted out of her house and away from her family, and I was a ticket for her to get out. When she left her family’s home after repeated arguments with them, her mother commented that Kat was “finally getting to a point where she was getting nice enough to be friends with” and that then I “took her away.” A close lifelong friend of mine helped me load her things and we moved her out.


I am thankful for your interest and I welcome your feedback! Look for the upcoming excerpts and future information about the early release of The Eye of the Storm for my loyal followers! (You might be the first to do a review!)

D. P. Bickerdike

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