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08/12/2017 The Hand of God in the Eye of the Storm

Every notable journey begins with a life-changing event and is often traumatic. However, there must come a point in the journey where relief is manifested. Though it is long overdue, I hope you enjoy this excerpt that begins to give balance to the intense beginnings of the journey.


The Ferrell cat had wielded her claws and slashed me by telling her lies. Months had passed. After being fully enveloped with acceptance, I poured out the true events, unbridled, to my old friend and fellow runner; I poured out every detail, every truth. She listened quietly, calmly, giving subtle reassurances here and there as each layer of me unfolded and crumbled before her. I was vulnerable, but I trusted her. She delicately absorbed the impact of my journey. It had been just over seven months since the night of the split happened between Kat and I, as well as the unrelenting ripping of my girls from me. My wounds were still open, still trying to heal, and I found a world full of empathy and non-judgment with one who knew my character from high school and welcomed me with open arms.

Emilia has been my savior here on earth, allowing God to work through her. She was amazing then and remains amazing now. I poured my heart out. We were supposed to run together, but I was so emotionally crippled, so physically weakened, that she suggested we just walk and talk. I continued to tell Emilia the rest of the events that took place, as she matched every level, every comment with loving and compassionate eyes, gestures, and expressions.

For the first three months after the split, I had been dwelling in the abyss. I had been thrown there and left to die, or so I thought. I was surviving minute by minute, literally having to remind myself to “just breathe.” During those months, my breaths were shallow, and my thoughts overwhelmed by every work of confusion. While talking with Emilia, I finally felt I was catching my breath. My story was unfolding to her, unedited. The horrific events flowed out in sequence interrupted by my confounded deep breaths. Emilia later helped me understand that I was pulled by God out of a horrific situation, saved just in time. The gentle touches from God show up in the most subtle ways, and I have been blessed by Emilia being a part of those reassurances from God.


Author's Note: The aftermath of any journey may linger, but all journeys eventually come to an end. There is an ebb and flow, a roller coaster ride of sorts that occurs during the journey and the aftermath. We relive this ride when we learn about another's journey. We have now reached a point of relief in the journey. Take a deep breath and know that there is recovery at the finish line. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and I hope you yearn to know what happens next.

D. P. Bickerdike

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